J   E   A   R   N   E   S   T       C   O   R   C   H   A   D   O


About Me

Hey There! My name is Jearnest Corchado. I'm an actress and future badass filmmaker (The Universe shall listen... lol). You may know me as the incredible Mexican squash player, Marisol Rosado aka "The Jaguar" on Apple TV's "Little America",  as the teenage assassin Anna Gracia Duerte on NBC's "The Blacklist," or as the awesome Sofia Martin on Syfy's "Cucuy The Boogeyman."  So far, I'm enjoying the journey as I chase my childhood dream of becoming an actress. Through my journey, I hope to inspire you and others to also do the same. I will use this medium to connect with all of you, share moments, career highlights and pictures or videos of any other crazy adventure I may embark on. My biggest goal is for you to know that,

If I can do it, YOU CAN do it too! 

Little America - The Jaguar (2020)

CUCUY: THE BOOGEYMAN Official Trailer (2018)

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